Distracted Driving in Navigable Waters

Accidents on the road are increasing at an alarming rate due to distracted driving. Cell phone use for texting has been found to be a major cause of these accidents. Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to the roads. Use of portable electronic devices has increased the rate of distractions by in all modes of transportation.  » Read More

Risk of Autonomous Ships for Maritime Workers

A regulatory scheme including international agreements and national laws and regulations currently governs maritime activities. They address requirements for crew conduct, ship operation, and navigation. In the event of a collision, the maritime law governs the rules regarding the appointment of shared liability based on a determination of the relative fault of the vessels involved.  » Read More

Maritime Law Product Liability Claims

When a product fails at sea there are a number of different laws that can apply. Determining which ones can be a challenge. Factors to consider are whether the failure caused an injury and if the failure caused property damage. Where the failure happened also needs to be considered as this will influence which laws apply and where the case will be tried (jurisdiction).  » Read More

Vessel Collisions

The sea is a vast place. Considering its size, you might expect that ship collisions are a rare event. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Although the sea is vast, there are areas where travel can get quite congested. Add the challenges of changing weather patterns, underwater obstructions, and a limited ability to maneuver,  » Read More